At Omni we strive to provide a safe, nurturing, and stimulating learning environment for pre-school children.

We believe in learning through play with a balance between independence and structure. Our program addresses the whole-child: cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and psychological development. Our multicultural, diverse, age-appropriate instructional approach stresses the importance of respecting and honouring all children as individuals.

At Omni we think of young children as able problem solvers, rather than as empty vessels to be filled. Therefore regular and ongoing life experiences, as teachers and children “live” together in the centre, are the basis for learning. We take into consideration that social-emotional development is primary at the youngest ages and stages of development. Cognitive development is a part of the whole picture and is included in all that we do at Omni.

Omni is a learning family (children, families, teachers, board members, and other community partners) that provide an environment which immerses our children in a warm, joyful, creative and safe learning experience. We empower children through creativity and discovery to think for themselves while considering others.


Omni joined Raising the Bar in September of 2012. We were a little behind the other centres however we worked hard to achieve our Bronze and we have currently achieved our Silver. We are a small centre with only two full time staff.  Currently both staff has achieved Gold Level for Professional Development.

Omni’s Board of Directors feel that it is beneficial to the program to support staff in the continuation of professional development. Omni currently pays for half of all courses successfully completed by staff and pay for all workshops attended by staff. Every six weeks a board meeting is held to discuss issues about Omni and what we can do as a team to make it even better.

.We  use communication books, newsletters, our Parent Board, emails, our website and the most current trend of social media through our Facebook page  in promoting parent and staff communication. This upcoming year we are initating a “SuccessTree” where we will be showcasing our children’s accomplishments.

At Omni we try to have play materials visible and accessible in all areas to ensure all children may independently explore.


We are both fully on board for the amazing “ Save The Day for Play ” program. We have been talking about it for quite some time however the opportunity has not been available to us. Tracie is currently doing the Early Childhood Education Program through the Apprenticeship Program and some of her courses address Play Based Learning. We have been reading up on Play Based Learning in the preschool setting. We would apply the Principles to Play Based Learning, both of us filling out the observation and  documentation forms. We have always complemented one another as a team and feel that we will build an even stronger working relationship by participating in this program.


We have a strong background in professional development. Tracie is currently taking online courses which touch on Play Based Curriculum and is undertaking the ECE Apprenticeship program. The Board of Directors supports us both financially and by accommodating the schedules required to complete courses. We enrich our knowledge by sharing our learning experiences. Tracie and I are always  incorporating new ideas into our program. Our Resource Consultant shares opportunities for professional development which is highly beneficial to our program.